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LWC Article by Victor Gomez

ShaggySaysZoinks2The Painful Split: The liberals and the Left were always presumed to be a couple under the Democratic big-top. But in 2016, young people on the Left poured into stadiums to cheer on their wild-haired guy, while Mrs. Clinton couldDNCtheWealthy2 barely manage a sullen group at a junior high gym.



Lefty of the Week ~ January 15, 2018


JamesCromwell1James Cromwell: The actor is a thoughtful and passionate protestor, against some messed up things that are going on in this world. This clip fromJamesCromwellArrested1 Democracy Now is a fine example.


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TheBrainwashingofmyDad2An Interview with Filmmaker, Jen Senko: In making her terrific documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, the filmmaker wrecked her health. JenSenkoInterview1But, she’s a deeply committed documentarian who throws herself, body and soul, into a project.






LWC Book Reviews


WhiteTrashbookcovercopy"White Trash" by Nancy Isenberg

This is a tome, one sympathetic to the least popular people in American history, poor white people. White Trash is, in its own way, a revolutionary book, as any book is that dares to discuss class in our supposedly classless country.NancyIsenberg








RequiemfortheAmericanDreambyNoamChomsky1"Requiem for the American Dream" by Noam Chomsky

For six decades, Noam Chomsky has been a lion of the Left. His courage and outspokenness have drawn fire from political hacks in the media, NoamChomsky1and from Democrats and Republicans alike. This new book contains some of Chomsky’s arguments against authoritarianism, over the course of his long life.

ShaggySaysZoinks2 DNCtheWealthy2 JamesCromwell1 TheBrainwashingofmyDad2 JenSenkoInterview1 WhiteTrashbookcovercopy NancyIsenberg RequiemfortheAmericanDreambyNoamChomsky1 NoamChomsky1