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Caitlin Johnstone: Caitlin is a no-bullshit fearless journalist. Wonderfully gutsy, CaitlinJohnstoneshe's called neoconservatism an "omnicidal death cult."



Matt Taibbi: Rolling Stone has moved to the Right, and we’re not moving with them.MattTaibbi1 Nonetheless, don’t miss Matt Taibbi’s wonderfully acerbic columns.


Corp Watch: Begun in 1996, this San Francisco based site watches out and reports on corporate malfeasance from around the world.CorpWatch



Miserable LiberalComedian Steph Zamorano's blog, with lots of good archives.  She's also a writer for The Jimmy Dore Show.MiserableLiberal



In Gaza: Want the straight dope on what's going on in Syria and Gaza? Here it is. Eva Bartlett is a Canadian journalist, with plenty of experience in some dangerous places.InGaza



David Sirota: A very good Left blogger, writing on politics and economics.DavidSirota



Informed Comment: Michigan professor Juan Cole, an expert on the Middle East, runsInformedComment this blog, with contributors including Nomi Prins and Jim Hightower.



Feministe: Begun in 2000 by Lauren Bruce, a site “in defense of the sanctimoniousFeministe women’s studies set.” Some political blogging and plenty else.



Tom Dispatch: Started by Tom Engelhardt in 2001, this blog includes many fine writers,TomDispatch including Rebecca Solnit and Chalmers Johnson. Conceived as an “antidote to mainstream media.”



Erik Loomis: Blogging at Lawyers, Guns & Money. Good stuff, especially on labor history.LawyersGunsMoney



And with a Pinch of Salt…

…some sites do some good investigation, reporting, and commentary, and are very good foils against the Right, but are not friends of the Left. Many magazines and blogs fit into this category, and we offer two, with equivocal approval:


Think Progress: A large liberal blog, with good reporting and commentary on some Left issues. A project of the Center for America Progress, founded by Hillary’s campaignThinkProgress manager, John Podesta. Favored Hillary, of course, during the Democratic primary, over Bernie, but not as bad as some of the other so-called liberal blogs.


Media Matters: The site is dedicated to untangling the mass of lies, deceptions, and other nonsense propagated by Right wing media. Our link is to their blog. As a counterweight toMediaMatters the Right, the site is good, but Reality Check: Founder David Brock worked against Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary.

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