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The Age of Selfishness by Darryl Cunningham

TheAgeofSelfishnessCunningham links the 2008 financial crisis to the bizarre cult of Ayn Rand, and the (highly selective) advocacy of selfishness. His take down of this poorly thought-through “philosophy” is thoughtful and effective.DarrylCunningham





The Cartoon History of the United States by Larry Gonick

TheCartoonHistoryoftheUnitedStatesWant to learn accurate US history, quickly and painlessly? Gonick has a great genius for making hard subjects (calculus, history, genetics) come alive. Refusing to duck from controversy, this history includes the grim issues of slavery and decimation of Native peoples. He gives appropriateLarryGonick weight to an often overlooked subject, Shay’s Rebellion, which was a flashpoint in our history.



Journalism by Joe Sacco

JournalismA collection of Sacco’s “short form comic journalism” of serious, often dreadful, news. It’s one thing to read in a newspaper about “atrocities” in some country, but Sacco’s drawings make the experience raw and immediate.JoeSacco




Red Rosa by Kate Evans

RedRosaGreat bio of socialist and revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg. Lovely, poignant, sweet and heart-rending. One endorsement, by Barbara Ehrenreich, says it all: “This book is hard to put down…” Damn straight.KateEvans





Introducing Keynesian Economics by Peter Pugh & Chris Garratt

item4A small book in graphic novel format, this is a great introduction to the life and theories of economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes proposed a way out of recessions—have the government provide 100% employment until the recession ends. During the Great Depression, one country, Sweden, followed Keynes and quickly recovered. The US, under FDR, tried a very weak-sauce version, and remained sluggish.



Wobblies! Edited by Paul Buhle & Nicole Schulman

WobbliesThe story of the dream of a union for all. A wild, exciting ride. Includes many great characters, including the original Rebel Girl, the journalist John Reed (the subject of the movie, Reds), and so much more.PaulBuhle





Che by Spain Rodriguez

CheA biography of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, from his travels in South America, to his revolutionary activity in Cuba, and finally his death in 1967. Rodriquez was one of the true giants of the art of comics.SpainRodriguez





Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco

FootnotesinGazaOne day, in 1956, in Rafah—a killing. One hundred eleven people died, and, though it has been largely forgotten, Sacco brings us a sexy, human, terrifying story. Most Americans have had Gaza-overload for a long time—here is a fresh and human story that most readers will find illuminating.JoeSacco1




Marx by Corinne Maier and Anne Simon

MarxWho the hell was Marx? Why should we care? The answer is in this biography. More story than ideology, Marx comes alive in this book by the duo. This is as accessible as the man gets.CorinneMaier





Trotsky by Rick Geary

TrotskyA cradle-to-grave history of the man and his political ideas. His opposition to Lenin and Stalin sent him, eventually on the run. He ended up in Mexico, where he had an affair with painter Frido Kahlo, and where he was assassinated. Beautiful; Geary is an award-winning artist.RickGeary




Introducing Marx by Rius

IntroducingMarxA very informative book told in a comic book format by the Marxist artist Rius. The book includes a long and interesting history of western philosophy. On the Marxist principle of “alienation” he writes: “Money obliges those who haven’t got any to sell themselves body and soul.”item5













































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