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Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi

InsaneClownPresidentbyMattTaibbiThe Rolling Stone journalist here publishes his field articles on the Presidential campaign: from the summer of 2015 to a newly-elected Trump. Very revealing, very well-written, and Taibbi spares no one - least of all, himself. A great chapter on Bernie Sanders.Greg Palast




Who Rules the World? by Noam Chomsky

WhoRulestheWorldChomsky is the leading Left Wing American writer. A serious academic, who did game-changing work in linguistics, he writes mostly for the ordinary reader. Although he has been virtually blacklisted by the major media, his booksGreg Palast continue to be widely read. This one takes on several topics related to the title—a chapter on the meaning of the Magna Carta today is a standout.



From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime by Elizabeth Hinton

FromtheWaronPovertytotheWaronCrimeThis book digs deep to reveal the intended and unintended consequences of our laws that make being poor equal to being criminal. Our goals have changed dramatically from the Johnson era 1960s, where eradication of poverty was the stated goal. "The rise of massElizabethHinton incarceration over the past fifty years has disrupted millions of America's families, nearly all of whom are low-income."



Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank

ListenLiberalFranks reminds us that while the Republican Party initiated and began the free market assault on working Americans and their pocketbooks, the Democrats were there, too. “Protecting the middle-class society was theThomasFrank1 Democrats’ assigned historical task…shared prosperity was once the Party’s highest aim.” No longer




Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbors by Slavoj Zizek

RefugeesTerrorandOtherTroubleswiththeNeighbors2Zizek is now fairly famous (for a philosopher). His eccentric manner and his colorful comparisons and metaphors have made him a star public speaker. In this book he deals with the problems of European refugees. He doesn’t shy away from the awkward issues this problem raises for the Left, and the rise ofSlavojZizek1 hateful parties on the Right, ready to exploit the situation.




Capitalism's Crisis Deepens by Richard D. Wolff

CapitalismsCrisisDeepensThe economist gives us the bad news: the economy that delivered theRichardDWolff Recession of 2008 was never fixed.  It was just papered over.





The Hidden Wealth of Nations by Gabriel Zucman

TheHiddenWealthofNationsbyGabrielZucmanHow can the absurd wealth disparity be reduced, if a large proportion of the wealth of the One-percenters is squirreled away in various tax havens?The author uses various tactics to try to determine how much wealth is hidden outGabrielZucman there. This book, translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan, is introduced by the French economist Thomas Piketty.



Austerity by Mark Blyth

AusteritybyMarkBlythPunchy and unapologetic, Blyth defends the dreaded nanny state, and attacks austerity.Here's his reason for the book in his own words:  "I got really, really pissed off with people with lots of money telling people that don't have any money they need to pay shit back." This is one of those folks you need to see and hear -- watch a video of him talking about this book.MarkBlyth

InsaneClownPresidentbyMattTaibbi WhoRulestheWorld FromtheWaronPovertytotheWaronCrime ListenLiberal RefugeesTerrorandOtherTroubleswiththeNeighbors2 CapitalismsCrisisDeepens TheHiddenWealthofNationsbyGabrielZucman AusteritybyMarkBlyth