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The Lottery of Birth by Raoul Martinez & Joshua van Praag (2013)

TheLotteryofBirthbyRaoulMartinezJoshuavanPraag1This one goes deep, examining presumptions that are seldom considered. We are fed from birth a stream of myths, which we then spend much of later life debunking. The filmmakers challenge people who say that they are not political. Often, these same people, because they have totally internalized our political myths, are the most political of all.JoshuavanPraag1




Project Censored THE MOVIE by Doug Hecker and Christopher Oscar (2013)

ProjectCensoredTheMovieHow do we end the endless parade of junk-food news? What stories should be covered? This documentary is the incarnation of the 40 year labor of love, Project Censored.ChristopherOscarandDougHecker






The American Ruling Class by John Kirby & Lewis Lapham (2005)

TheAmericanRulingClassbyJohnKirbyLewisLaphamRuling class? We have a ruling class? Lewis Lapham, author and editor, breaks the fourth wall and walks us through the American corridors of power, from Yale to theJohnKirbyLewisLapham Council on Foreign Relations. Along the way: Walter Cronkite, Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Pete Seeger. Highly recommended.




Manufacturing Consent by Mark Achbar & Peter Wintonick (1992)

ManufacturingConsentLiberal writers and intellectuals really despise Noam Chomsky, as you can see on display in this important doc. The title, by the way, comes not from Chomsky, the MIT professor, but from Walter Lippmann, thePeterWintonickMarkAchbar “liberal” who maintained an astonishingly low opinion of ordinary Americans. Chomsky merely shows how media-manufactured consent is carried out.



Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore (2009)

CapitalismALoveStoryThis most personal of Moore’s films attacks the belief that, with all its troubles, corporate capitalism is the only way to go. Tucked in the special features section, by the way, is an example of true socialism: a Wisconsin taxi company owned and entirely managed by its workers.MichaelMoore





Citizenfour by Laura Poitras (2014)

CitizenfourbyLauraPoitrasEdward Snowden risked his freedom to send this message to the American people: your government is spying on you, even if you aren’t a terrorist, criminal or anything else.LauraPoitras This documentary, told by the brave Poitras and with the help of equally brave Glenn Greenwald, is the story of Snowden’s decision to tell on this spying, and the aftermath for him and us.



The Corporation by Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott (2003)

TheCorporationbyMarkAchbarJenniferAbbottCorporations are people—so says our legal fiction. Well, the filmmakers ask, what kind of people are they? Psychopaths. That’s the thesis, with plenty of evidence along the way. A landmark documentary.MarkAchbarJenniferAbbott






Why We Fight by Eugene Jarecki (2005)

WhyWeFightbyEugeneJareckiWe begin with Eisenhower’s farewell, where he warns us (on the way out) about the growing power of our military-industrial complex. The “why we fight” question seems to revolve around the economic needs of large military contractors. At the very least, this vast eternal subsidy must be part of the calculation when asking, why are we going to war?EugeneJarecki





Inequality for All by Jacob Kornbluth (2013)

InequalityforAllbyJacobKornbluthMacroeconomics with liberal Robert Reich. Who are the job creators in America? Consumers, answers Reich. This is a liberal, left-of-center, rather than a Left economic analysis, with many good points and a hopeful outlook.JacobKornbluth






Dirty Wars by Rick Rowley (2015)

DirtyWarsJeremy Scahill gets in harm's way, as he attempts to learn about and comprehend our war on terror. With night raids, drone strikes, secret armies, and torture, we are doling out plenty of our own terror. Watching the movie, the viewer is often worried for the safety of Scahill and crew. Electric.RickRowleyJeremyScahill1





Capitalism Hits the Fan by Sut Jhally (2009)

CapitalismHitstheFanbySutJhallyA low-budget, filmed lecture, this is a superb and very easy to follow explanation of the big economic crash — why it happened and what to do in the future. Economist Richard Wolff breaks it down, and in lessRichardDWolff than one hour you can gain a decent understanding of what happened (and is still happening). A Marxian, rather than liberal outlook.




Standing Army by Thomas Fazi & Enrico Parenti (2010)

StandingArmybyThomasFaziEnricoParentiWith contributions from Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal, this documentary points to our massive military presence — 716 bases in 38 countries, with over one quarter of a million soldiers living there. The ownership and management of such an overwhelming military structure is incompatible with any real democratic republic.ThomasFaziEnricoParenti





The Possibility of Hope by Alfonso Cuaron (2007)

ThePossibilityofHopebyAlfonsoCuaronDark, but as the name implies, not too dark. This short film was released as a DVD extra feature, accompanying the director’s sci-fi masterpiece, The Children of Men. The outsider-scientist James Lovelock features, as does Marxist philosopher Zizek. A little (dark) gem.AlfonsoCuaron

TheLotteryofBirthbyRaoulMartinezJoshuavanPraag1 ProjectCensoredTheMovie TheAmericanRulingClassbyJohnKirbyLewisLapham ManufacturingConsent CapitalismALoveStory CitizenfourbyLauraPoitras TheCorporationbyMarkAchbarJenniferAbbott WhyWeFightbyEugeneJarecki InequalityforAllbyJacobKornbluth DirtyWars CapitalismHitstheFanbySutJhally StandingArmybyThomasFaziEnricoParenti ThePossibilityofHopebyAlfonsoCuaron