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LWC Book Review ~ September 18, 2017


RequiemfortheAmericanDreambyNoamChomsky1"Requiem for the American Dream" by Noam Chomsky


For six decades, Noam Chomsky has been a lion of the Left. His courage and outspokenness have drawn fire from political hacks in the media, NoamChomsky1and from Democrats and Republicans alike. This new book contains some of Chomsky’s arguments against authoritarianism, over the course of his long life.




Lefty of the Week ~ September 18, 2017


ProfCornellWestProf. Cornell West: The good doctor is one of the most engaging speakers on the Left. CornellWestArrestedIn this clip, he goes to town on Hillary Clinton’s duplicity.







~ September 11, 2017


AmyGoodmanAmy Goodman: The long-time host of Democracy Now. On occassion she even gets arrested doing her job (video here).DemocracyNow








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LWC Article


Oligarchy2Democracy - Part I: Bertrand Russell wrote so well and so convincingly about democracy, precisely because he was so skeptical of it: “There is a tendency, as strong now as at any former time, to suppose that anInequality1 oligarchy is admirable if it consists of ‘good’ men…This attitude is unworthy of grown-up people.” ~ Power, by Bertrand Russell




~ LWC Interview ~


TheBrainwashingofmyDad2An Interview with Filmmaker, Jen Senko: In making her terrific documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, the filmmaker wrecked her health. JenSenkoInterview1But, she’s a deeply committed documentarian who throws herself, body and soul, into a project. We recently caught up with the busy Jen Senko.





~ LWC Book Review ~

CreatingFreedombyRaoulMartinez2"Creating Freedom" by Raoul Martinez

This book is radical - literally. Author Raoul Martinez goes to the roots of our political and economic ideas,often writing in aphorisms such as: “The idea that we are rewarded according to the market value of our contribution is not just unfair, it’s aRaoulMartinez1 myth.” “In the real world, deregulated markets favour those who own capital.”

RequiemfortheAmericanDreambyNoamChomsky1 NoamChomsky1 ProfCornellWest CornellWestArrested AmyGoodman DemocracyNow Oligarchy2 Inequality1 TheBrainwashingofmyDad2 JenSenkoInterview1 CreatingFreedombyRaoulMartinez2 RaoulMartinez1