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~ August, 2017

Nader2Ralph to the Rescue! Two Left commentators, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk) and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show), on Ralph Nader's autopsy of the Democrats.TheDemocrats1




~ May 22, 2017

What Really Happened? Millions of Democrats think that Bernie lost the primary, fair and square.LeeCampwithattorneyJaredBeck1Millions of Democrats think that the DNC emails - which show strong bias - were attained via a Russian LeeCampJaredBeckhack. Both statements are false.




~ May 22, 2017

Co-Founder of The Intercept - Benjamin Dixon speaks with Glenn Greenwald BenjaminDixonwithGlennGreenwaldabout Obama's Wall Street Speech, Citizens United, and Money out of Politics



~ April 29, 2017

The Odd Couple: Bernie continues to pretend that the Dems are redeemable.As Bernie throws the "ruling class" under the bus, watch Tom Perez's face, which is trying not to break. Tom then attempts a save, which fails. Enjoy.SandersTomPerez

Nader2 TheDemocrats1 LeeCampwithattorneyJaredBeck1 LeeCampJaredBeck BenjaminDixonwithGlennGreenwald SandersTomPerez