LWC Article ~ July 24, 2017


Open the Box, Look Inside



he advertising business has been moving forManwithCereal years in the direction of selling us the brand, and little else besides. When you buy cereal, you buy the exciting box, and not much more. (What exactly are Lucky Charms made from, anyway?) Now, finally, politics has caught up with advertising: we have a threat, with nothing to sink our teeth into: The Russia-hack!

How little substance is there? First, let’s lay it out. Hillary Clinton has said that the Russians were trying to “undermine our democracy” and that the hack of the DNC was an “attack against our country.”(Watch the video.)

What the insider emails revealed is that the Democrats are very biased..the Party wanted Hillary, & would cheat & deal to see Bernie lose.

Okay, sounds serious. We’re under attack! Is it serious? To find out, let’s probe a little further. (In this article, we will leave aside the fact that it is at least as likely that the “hack” was instead an insider “leak”, and not a Russian or other hack at all.) What, for instance, happened? What got hacked? The DNC computers got hacked, that’s what. Okay, so what? Whoever got ahold of the emails then published them via Wikileaks, so everybody could see them. And what, pray tell, did everyone see?hillaryclintonberniesandersendorse1

What the insider emails revealed is that the Democrats are very biased. While many rank-and-file Democrat voters might have hoped that the national Party is fair and really wants an honest primary between candidates, the emails show a very dull, very disgusting truth—the Party wanted Hillary, and would cheat and deal to see Bernie lose. For many of us, though, this was a very unexciting secret. [Here is an assessment from the BBC.]

Could it be that they [the Dems] don’t want anyone to be able to prove that no leak took place...? Hmm.

So, there it is. The attack on our democracy came, not from the Russkies, but from the Democrats! And if the “hackers” revealed that Hillary and Company brought a dagger to finish off Sanders, isn’t that deed more gruesome and heinous (and illegal) than the “hack” itself? As the Democrats continue their shrill, silly Red-baiting, they are praying that Americans don’t think beyond the label on this one. Americans: Please do!NYTSanders1


Okay, a quick follow up, on whether it was a hack or a leak. Here's a clip from the Jimmy Dore Show, where we can see a discussion between Obama’s Homeland Security guy, Jeh Johnson, talking with Republican Peter King. Johnson is frustrated (and King is puzzled) by the DNC’s refusal to get agency help in analyzing and fixing their vulnerability to hacking. And why don’t the Dems want Homeland Security or the FBI sniffing about? Could it be that they don’t want anyone to be able to prove that no hack took place, and that the likely suspect was a disgruntled (rightly so) insider? Hmm.