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New! ~ November 12, 2017

by Victor Gomez

ShaggySaysZoinksThe Painful Split: The liberals and the Left were always presumed to be a couple under the Democratic big-top. But in 2016, young people on the Left poured into stadiums to cheer on their wild-haired guy, while Mrs. Clinton couldDNCtheWealthy barely manage a sullen group at a junior high gym.




~ August 17, 2017

Oligarchy1Democracy - Part I: Bertrand Russell wrote so well and so convincingly about democracy, precisely because he was so skeptical of it: “There is a tendency, as strong now as at any former time, to suppose that anInequality oligarchy is admirable if it consists of ‘good’ men…This attitude is unworthy of grown-up people.” ~ Power, by Bertrand Russell



~ July 24, 2017

ManwithCerealOpen the Box, Look Inside: The advertising business has been moving for years in the direction of selling us the brand, and little else besides. Now, finally, politics has caught up with advertising: we have a threat, NYTSanders1with nothing to sink our teeth into: The Russia-hack!



~ March 4, 2017

RushLimbaugh1Rush Limbaugh, Body Snatcher: In her documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, Jen Senko speaks of losing her father to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. The once jovial,BodySnatchers1 goofy guy had become a narrow-minded and angry bigot - and she wanted to understand why.


~ March 18, 2017

Liar1Amber's Tea Party Rules: The word is out: Trump lies. The New York Times, in January of 2017, stated on the front page that “Trump Repeats an Election Lie.” AmberPhillips1Well, Amber Phillips of the Washington Post is having none of this.



~ May 9, 2017

TwoLeggedStoolWhy the Two-Legged Stool Fails: You will sometimes hear that our binary system of politics is like a pendulum, with Democrats on the Left and Republicans on the Right. This is a bad analogy. On many key issues, there is little difference between the two-parties.PelosiatTownHall





~ January 22, 2017

TrumpClimateChange1Listen to This Man: “We need a revolutionary third-party.” The guy getting arrested here is NASA scientist James Hansen, the man who moreJamesHansenArrested1 than just about anybody else is responsible for our understanding of man-made climate change.



~ April 1, 2017

DNCDestroysSanders80 Years & Nothing's Changed: Eighty years ago, the Spanish Civil War raged on. Hollywood made a movie about it, from the Hemingway novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Does this obscure little war, fought soSpanishCivilWar long ago and far away, have anything to tell us?



~ January 20, 2017

ClintonKindaModerateCenterNowhere to Go: Donald Trump won because America has no Left party of any size or strength. Most AmericansTrumpVictorySpeech don’t even know what the Left is, and so don’t notice that its party is missing. How can you blame them?

ShaggySaysZoinks DNCtheWealthy Oligarchy1 Inequality ManwithCereal NYTSanders1 RushLimbaugh1 BodySnatchers1 Liar1 AmberPhillips1 TwoLeggedStool PelosiatTownHall TrumpClimateChange1 JamesHansenArrested1 DNCDestroysSanders SpanishCivilWar ClintonKindaModerateCenter TrumpVictorySpeech