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TheBrainwashingofmyDadAn Interview with Filmmaker, Jen Senko: In making her terrific documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, (read our review) the filmmaker wrecked her health. JenSenkoInterviewBut, she’s a deeply committed documentarian who throws herself, body and soul, into a project. We recently caught up with the busy Jen Senko.




Nell Minow, aka Movie Mom: One of our country’s top film critics for years now, on documentaries, MovieMomNellMinowcopyLiberals and funny shows - and the Best Movie of the Century!




A Sane, Passionate Progressive: Debbie Lusignan speaks her mind. Vlogging as the Sane Progressive, she is high octane.DebbieLusignan We spoke to her not long ago, where she registered frustration at the current political climate.

TheBrainwashingofmyDad JenSenkoInterview MovieMomNellMinowcopy DebbieLusignan