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The Nation: TheNationFounded in 1865, this has been a stalwart liberal (and sometimes Left) magazine for a sizable chunk of American history. The magazine’s editors endorsed Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary.




CounterPunch: Started in the early 1990’s, this muckraking magazine features such writers as Andrew Cockburn, Jeffrey St. ClaireCounterPunch (both co-founders), and Laura Flanders. “The fearless voice of the American Left since 1993.”




Harper's: Begun in 1850, Harpers has been an important literary magazine. Politically, the magazine was critical of imperialist American foreign policy. Under the long reign of famed editor Lewis Lapham, the magazine published many fine Left articles.Harpers





In These Times: Established in 1976, this print and online magazine has been a consistent supporter of the Left. Kurt Vonnegut was a big fan of the magazine and a contributor. InTheseTimes In 2016, celebrating 40 years, “…with liberty and justice for all.”





Jacobin: A hard Left print and online magazine begun in 2010. In differentiating from other Left magazines, its publisher called it "largely the product of a younger generation not quite asJacobin tied to the Cold War paradigms that sustained the old leftist intellectual milieus like Dissent or New Politics." Socialism and a socialist outlook is not an awkward guest at Jacobin.





Dissent: Dissent1A quarterly magazine since 1954. Radical, in-your-face, unapologetically Left.





The Baffler: Started in 1988 by Thomas Frank and Keith White, this Left-leaning magazine publishes (sporadically) some very thought-provoking pieces.TheBaffler





The Progressive: Started in 1909 by Wisconsin Senator Bob LaFollette, the Left magazine has been very critical of American jingoism from the beginning. Left wing writers have included Louis Brandeis, James Baldwin, Clarence Darrow, Carl Sandburg, UptonTheProgressive1 Sinclair, Jack London, and many more. An old paper, still going.





International Socialist Review: A Left socialist paper, available in print and online. Published by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. The paper is “a forum for the development of anInternationalSocialistReview open and critical Marxist analysis of the challenges and opportunities that confront the left and social movements in the 21st century.”





New Politics: NewPoliticsStarted in 1961 and revived in 1986, this magazine is published twice a year. It is an “independent socialist forum for dialogue and debate on the left.”





Socialist Worker: Associated with socialist newspapers around the world, the American iteration, SocialistWorkerpublished by the International Socialist Organization, began in the late 1970s, eventually becoming bimonthly. Also an online paper, since 2008. Solidly Left.





Obrero Socialista: ObreroSocialistaThe Spanish language version of the Socialist Worker, above.





The Progressive Populist: A Left newspaper since 1995.TheProgressivePopulist1 Publishes some very good Left writers, including Ralph Nader, Jim Hightower, Jesse Jackson, and Alexander Cockburn.

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