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Democracy Now: Amy Goodman runs a no-frills news program, and she’s not afraid to get in trouble—going back to 1998, she’s been DemocracyNow1detained, deported, and arrested several times, all for committing journalism. Integrity personified.



The Empire Files: Hosted by Abby (take-no-prisoners) Martin. Formerly a correspondent on RT America, and then host of a show, Breaking the Set, Martin is now the host of this show. TheEmpireFileswithAbbyMartinShe’s a very passionate Left commentator. In 2016, she came out in support for Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. (telesur tv)



The Rational National: Sensible, clear and coherent Left news hosted by David Doel.TheRationalNational




Redacted Tonight: Hosted by comedian Lee Camp, the show is funny, irreverent, cutting, and very Left. Uniquely, he includes political writings into the mix, as text,redactedPRpic1 from authors such as Chris Hedges. Aired by RT (Russia Today).



TBTV: Left news commentary and interviews. TheTimBlackShow1A dashing, stylish, hip-hop vibe, Black is punchy and fun, while never deviating from the Left. (If Noam Chomsky and Barry White had a son…) Like Jimmy Dore, he isn’t afraid to laugh at the craziness. Fun, smart.



The Jimmy Dore Show: Vigorous, fearless Jimmy Dore hosts a totally unapologetic Left show. He’s also a panelist on The Young Turks, where he and Ben Mankiewiczmaxresdefault1 sometimes tussle. Very funny, occasionally savage. A Lefty who means it.



The Benjamin Dixon Show: Smart, passionate, and a solid Lefty, Benjamin Dixon stands his ground. He keeps track of what people in the media say and do, and holds them accountable. Very strong show.TheBenjaminDixonShow1




The Laura Flanders Show: Flanders is a Brit, but her Left-leaning show covers a whole heap of American ground. Interviews, with some street reporting, and commentary.TheLauraFlandersShow2




The Big Picture: Thom Hartmann hosts this looks-like-your-mom-and-dad’s news show. Hartmann is a straight-up Lefty. (RT)TheBigPicturewithThomHartmannLogo2




The Humanist Report: Mike Figueredo hosts a very smart, very Left show, with good analysis and plenty of thoughtful retorts to half-assed fake journalism. One of the hottest new things in Left journalism.MikeFigueredo




On Contact: Chris Hedges, the fearless and outspoken reporter, is the host for a no-nonsense interview and commentary show. Not a comedian, Hedges is a straight-forward, Pulitzer-Prize-winning, Left journalist. (RT)OnContactwithChrisHedges1




The Real News: Paul Jay launched this US-Canadian news show during the madness of the 2007 economic meltdown. TRN helped to start the avalanche of reliable internet Left reporting and commentary. Looks and sounds old-school. Their slogan is “The future depends on knowing.” Damn straight.TheRealNewswithPaulJay1




Tavis Smiley: Tavis Smiley hosts a PBS interview and commentary show. He’s a self-described progressive—very smart.TheTavisSmileyShow1




Secular Talk: Cool Kyle Kulinski hosts a passionate Left show, where he occasionally blows a gasket out the outrageous stuff in the news. The show, which was often about secular stuff, now deals mostly with Left politics. Logical and fair.SecularTalk2




The Young Turks (TYT): Boisterous, intelligent, and fair-minded, the gang at TYT is led by the indestructible Cenk Uygar (pronounced Jenk Yew-gar), TheYoungTurks2kicked to the curb by MSNBC, but stronger than ever. The show, never an Agreement Fest, is a great way to hear issues and stories discussed and argued, by informed, passionate people.



Real Time with Bill Maher: Bill Maher has run this HBO panelist show since 2003. Real Time is Left of center, rather than Left. It’s a live television show, so things can get zany. Unique in bringingRealTimewithBillMaher1 together Left, Right and Center guests. His show is what should be happening in living rooms across America.



The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow: Hosted by the Left writer Eskow, this show consists mainly of in-person and skyped interviews. Good way to get exposed to Left writers and other Lefties.TheZeroHourwithRJEskow



Progressive People's Coalition: Hosted by the voice of “Joshua,” this show does detailed breakdown of news, with solid Left analysis. Uniquely, Joshua sometimes also compares and evaluates the various news shows above.TheNewProgressiveVoice

DemocracyNow1 TheEmpireFileswithAbbyMartin TheRationalNational redactedPRpic1 TheTimBlackShow1 maxresdefault1 TheBenjaminDixonShow1 TheLauraFlandersShow2 TheBigPicturewithThomHartmannLogo2 MikeFigueredo OnContactwithChrisHedges1 TheRealNewswithPaulJay1 TheTavisSmileyShow1 SecularTalk2 TheYoungTurks2 RealTimewithBillMaher1 TheZeroHourwithRJEskow TheNewProgressiveVoice