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Democracy Works: This is a non-profit organization that is trying to make the election process more accessible to the modern day voter.  They have several resources including: TurboVote (a website that will send you reminders to vote) and Ballot Scout (a service that makes voting through absentee ballots much easier and more reliable). They also research new voting technologies to improve our current system.  You can join them or donate to the cause on their website.DemocracyWorks




DSA: The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the US.  They are working to weaken the stronghold corporations have on our government and to empower the working class people of America.  Three reforms at the heart of their cause are:  getting money out of politics, empower people in the workplaces and the economy, and working toward gender and cultural equality.  They are not a political party, but a group of political activists.DemocraticSocialistsofAmerica




YDS: The Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDS) is a subsidiary of DSA aimed at getting high school and college students involved in the progressive movement.  If you're interested in starting a chapter at your high school or university, this is the site to use.YoungDemocraticSocialistsofAmerica




Green Party: This is an independent political party that advocates for non-violence, ecological responsibility, social justice and grassroots movements.  Their website is a good source for anyone looking to find out more about the ideology of the Green Party and how to get involved.GreenPartyUs




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Democracy at Work: This non-profit was co-founded by the economist Richard Wolff to educate people on the benefits of democratizing the workplace.  Democracy at WorkDemocracyatWorkinfo1 wants to show you the benefits of challenging the status quo of Capitalistic Industries by forming Co-Operatives that give every member of the workplace an equal share in the company and an equal voice. (They also have a YouTube Channel.)


Inequality Media: This is a website co-founded by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, that creates original videos to educate the general population on economicInequalityMediaorg principles and raise awareness about the economic issues facing us as a nation today.  You can go to their site to watch any of the video they've created for free, or to make a donation.


WikiLeaks: The award winning website founded by Julian Assange. WikiLeaks is home to a vast library of over ten million censored/restricted documents involving spying, war andWikileaks1 corruption.  WikiLeaks is a great resource to read the documents special interests don't want you to read.



Right Wing Watch: This is a great resource for analysis on the rhetoric used by right wing extremists to manipulate the masses.  Gain insight into the agenda that right wingRightWingWatch1 political organizations and political figures are using against the American public and how they're trying to convince us to follow their lead, for better or worse.



Turbo Vote: This is a fantastic service that will remind you when to vote and give you all of the relevant information you need.  Just sign up by giving them your name, address andTurboVote how you'd like to be contacted and they'll keep you up to date on all the local and federal elections you can participate in! Noam Chomsky is one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century.  He is known for being "the father of linguistics," but also as one of the most brazen political commentators alive.  He has been one of the harshest critics of US foreign policy andCHOMSKYINFO Economics, but he always backs up his viewpoints with reputable sources and empirical data.  With a political cognizance that rivals Gore Vidal, it is well worth your time to delve deep into this site to find access to his many articles, interviews, debates and so much more!

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