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Let the Madness Begin: William Gaillard and Michael White rock the Left analysis. LettheMadnessBeginThese guys are serious Lefties, and big third-party proponents. Fun and punchy.







H.A. Goodman: Vlogs by the Left author. HAGoodmanVlog1Uncompromising and intelligent. Also, (note to other vloggers) has interesting paintings in the background!






Sane Progressive: No frills video from Debbie Lusignan, who is a passionate and outspoken Leftist.SaneProgressivewithDebbieLusignan1








John Iadarola: Regular co-host of The Young Turks, John also provides this vlog with his own personal political ideas and style.JohnIadarola








Jordan Chariton: Jordan works for The Young Turks, where he is a strong Left presence. He’s very sincere and unfiltered.JordanCheritan2









Podcasts / Radio Radio


The Ring of Fire Network: A powerhouse network of Left voices—radio and podcasts—including David Pakman, Abby Martin, Lee Camp, and many more.TheRingofFireNetwork1




The Katie Halper Show: The comedian and blogger takes on a variety of subjects, from a Left perspective.TheKatieHalperShow2




The Dollop: American History with a Left twist, by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds.TheDollop2




Best of the Left Podcast: Begun in 2006 by Jay Tomlinson, the site offers good Left podcasts as well as a strong Activism page.BestoftheLeftPodcast




CounterPunch: Podcasts associated with the bi-monthly “muckraking” magazine.CounterPunchPodcast1




Jim Hightower: Veteran Lefty’s radio and radio archives.JimHightower




The Bill Press Show: Old school Left commentary, with YouTube and podcast versions.TheBillPressShow1

LettheMadnessBegin HAGoodmanVlog1 SaneProgressivewithDebbieLusignan1 JohnIadarola JordanCheritan2 TheRingofFireNetwork1 TheKatieHalperShow2 TheDollop2 BestoftheLeftPodcast CounterPunchPodcast1 JimHightower TheBillPressShow1