The 2016 Lefties LeftyAwards


Top News Story ~ Election & Primary Fraud

In our bizarre approach to elections, America looks more and more like a third-world dictatorship. Everyone else uses hand-counted paper ballots—we use, in too manyCNNPolls places, gameable, questionable computers. The media suddenly decided to stop doing exit polls, which were showing inconsistencies. The DNC was caught (in hacked emails) clearly favoringRedactedTonight Hillary over Bernie. In an incredible bit of hubris, CNN actually conducted a poll excluding ages 18-34!






Best Left News Show ~ (tie) Redacted Tonight & The Jimmy Dore Show


This was a white-hot news year, and there are so many good shows offering analysisRedactedTonight1 and commentary. We couldn’t pick, in the end, between two of them, and we therefore offer this tie (copout!). Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore, both comedians,TheJimmyDoreShow got heated up this year—at a lazy and complicit media, at corrupt candidates, and at epic cheating. Hats off, guys!






Best Left Documentary ~ The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by David Ambrose & Greg Palast

TheBestDemocracyMoneyCanBuyInvestigative reporter Palast gets busy, showing us how AmericanGregPalast elections are gamed by big money players. Rosario Dawson, Richard Belzer, Ice-T, and others appear.









Best Left Book ~ Listen, Liberal by Thomas Frank


ListenLiberalThere were several strong candidates here. We chose this one by Thomas Frank, in a year where it should now be clear that the Democratic Party is not what it once was. Frank tells us the story of theThomasFrank1 Democratic Party’s transformation from New Deal juggernaut in service of the People, to the Party of the Professional Class. (Watch a short video about the book)





(Honorable Mentions: Age of Folly by Lewis Lapham; Who Rules the World? by Noam Chomsky; Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens by Richard Wolff; Freedom is a Constant Struggle by Angela Y. Davis)




RantTop 3 Left Rants of 2016

These angry responses came from hearts sick to death of deception, hatred, and corruption.







#3 ~ Jordan Cheriton - from TYT Politics


Quote: “You don’t start, having tea and cake. That’s the mentality that got us here.”





#2 ~ Tim Black - Coffee with Tim Black

Quote: “Who’s more stupid, the bad driver, or the person who gave him the keys?”

Tim goes after a corrupt Democratic party, wedded to its wealthy friends, and the allegedlyTimBlack Liberal (not Left) media, that continually wanders downhill and to the Right.





#1 ~ Jimmy Dore - The Jimmy Dore Show


Quote: “There was no way to vote against Goldman Sachs!”

Jimmy hits the diatribe pedal, after seeing a finger-wagging Obama speech. This is full-bore Jimmy.JimmyDore






























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